FAQs About Custom Food Service Equipment

In New Jersey, catering services, restaurants, and other food industry-based companies need the right equipment to complete daily tasks, and they may need to customize the equipment to accomplish this. Fabricators can make adjustments and other changes to items such as work tables to accommodate the exact needs of the company. These fabricators can also provide answers to frequently asked questions about custom food service equipment.

Can Fabricators Increase the Size of the Backsplash?

Yes, they can increase or decrease the size of the backsplash based on the requirements of the workers, and they can make the backsplash thicker when necessary. This fixture can present a better option for balancing items that are stored on the tables or racks, and they can prevent water and other liquids from going beyond the designated workspace.

Can Clients Customize the Height of the Tables for Their Workers?

Yes, the clients can choose the preferred height for the work tables to accommodate their full-time workers, and they can acquire tables that are adjustable to make it easier for workers of all heights to use the tables and racks. This includes additional levels to make the racks or tables multi-layered for easier storage of food items.

Can Clients Get Accessories that are Removable?

Yes, they can get accessories for work tables and racks that allow them to store condiments and seasonings more conveniently, and these accessories can be removed at any time. They offer features that make it easier for workers to add any accessories they prefer based on their immediate needs.

Can the Fabricators Coat the Tables with a Scratchproof Surface?

Yes, scratch-proof surfaces are a must in the food industry, and fabricators can apply protective coverings on the tables and racks to provide further protection. This prevents cuts and scratches when the tables are used to prepare meals.

In New Jersey, caterers, restaurant owners, and other food industry-based companies can customize their work equipment to meet their needs and provide adequate space for daily tasks. The equipment can meet the high demands of customers more effectively. Companies that need to order the tables and racks can contact a supplier right now.